The largest scrap processing and recycling plant in Russia, located in the Moscow Region, Nekrasovka. Vtoraluminproduct PK meets the needs for secondary raw materials of the largest metallurgical plants in Russia, machine-building plants and enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

Principal directions:

• To recycle non-ferrous scrap and waste, to produce secondary aluminum alloys, high-density briquettes, grains, shots and universal deoxidizers from them;
• To process lean aluminum bearing wastes (with aluminum content not exceeding 5%), and to produce ferroaluminium and ferroaluminosilicon from them;
• To dispose and bury metallurgical waste not subject to further processing;
• To process all types of ferrous scrap;
• To dispose of weapons and military equipment;
• To develop and implement promising, science-intensive, environmentally friendly technologies for the production process of metal recycling and disposing of their waste.

Production capacities:

• 450,000 tons / year of ferrous steel scrap;
• 95,000 t / g of aluminum secondary raw materials;
• 12,000 t / year of aluminum and ferro-aluminum deoxidizers;
• 6,000 tons / year of copper scrap.

The main production units:

• Shredder HENSHEL RECYCLING TECHNIK GmbH 1250-23-111-U with a breaker HENSHEL RECYCLING TECHNIK GmbH HV400;
• Press shears HENSHEL RECYCLING TECHNIK GmbH SV1300 / 100 / S-90/6;
• Complexes of mobile scissors Arden and La bounty based on Volvo excavators for cutting railway rolling stock;
• Complexes for the preparation and briquetting of black chips based on rotono chain crushers and briquetting presses ATM ArnoBrik, RUF;
• Access railway lines and locomotive train;
• Fleet of scrap trucks and other specialized automobile and loading equipment of various types and carrying capacities of more than 80 units (MAN, VOLVO, MERCEDES, HITACHI, LIEBHERR, etc.);
• A complex of laboratory and analytical equipment;
• A complex of repair and maintenance workshops.


• Ferrous metals secondary GOST 2787-75;
• Shredder scrap according to internal and consumer's specifications;
• Cooling scrap according to internal and consumer's specifications;
• Briquettes of high density from ferrous metal chips;
• Briquetted aluminum and ferro-aluminum deoxidizers according to internal specifications;
• Briquettes from aluminum and copper thin-walled waste (MAN, chips, cans, foils, etc.) GOST 1639-93, GOST 1639-2009.

Consumers of the products:

• Secondary ferrous metals, copper scrap, briquetted deoxidizers:
- Ferrous metallurgy enterprises of the Russian Federation:
MAN, MMK OAO, Severstal OAO, NLMK OAO, Mechel OAO, NTMK OAO, Ural Steel OAO, etc.

• Briquettes from aluminum and copper thin-walled waste:
– Enterprises of secondary non-ferrous metallurgy.