The history of the plant dates back to 1962. In the city of Mtsensk, an enterprise was formed with the main line of business to process waste scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and further smelting into finished products. Today, Stalkron is one of the most technologically advanced industry enterprises in Russia and Europe. Highly qualified specialists, three melting complexes, a molding and casting shop, a mechanical repair shop, pressing sections and a chemical laboratory allow the plant to produce high-quality products that meet all the necessary standards and requirements.


• Nickel-containing alloys;
• Ferro-alloys for alloying and steel modification in ingots and nuggets;
• Tin and tinless bronzes in accordance with GOST 614-97;
• Casting brass in accordance with GOST 1020-97;
• Copper grade M2, M3 according to GOST 859-2014;
• Crude copper grade Мш;
• Customized copper-based alloys.

The raw materials for the production of alloys are scrap and waste of copper alloys of classes A, B that meet the requirements of GOST R 54564-2011, prepared for smelting (having undergone primary processing - sorting, cutting, packaging, drying, pyrotechnic and radiation control).

Stalkron manufactures steel and iron castings up to 1 ton, made of low-carbon and alloyed steel and different types of iron; spare parts for shredding machines (hammers, anvils, protection covers, teeth, grates, etc.), casting molds of any type and size; spare parts for extrusion presses (augers, plating, frames, filters, etc.). The plant has the capacity and technical resources for the production of castings weighing up to 10 tons.