Environmental policy of AKRON HOLDING is an integral part of its corporate social practice. Social responsibility is aimed at supporting and ensuring the wellbeing of citizens, including in aspects of protecting the environment from negative industrial factors.

Strategic solutions of AKRON HOLDING in the area of environmental responsibility:

• Resource management with consideration of ecological risks;
• Continuous reduction of pollutant emissions, wastes, and their toxicity through the application of environmental protection technology, equipment, and management methods, independent of the production dynamics, separate waste collection for further secondary use;
• Continuous ecological training and development of employees;
• Ensuring the personnel emergency preparedness;
• Stimulating the active involvement of employees in resource saving and environmental protection activities through adoption of relevant measures of motivation and development of social partnership;
• Compliance with international laws and standards.

In order to meet the set challenges, AKRON HOLDING successively implements the following measures:

• Monitoring the ecological safety of the enterprise. Emissions at production sites adjacent to sanitary protection zone and dwelling zone are controlled. The compliance of emissions with maximum permitted concentrations is systematically controlled;
• Places of temporary storage of wastes are controlled and accounted. Every week the wastes are removed or transferred to licensed organizations for secondary use;
• The facilities are systematically cleaned in order to minimize polluting emissions;
• Development and implementation of filtration and gas cleaning system for harmful emissions. This system allows for significant improvement of environmental conditions, reduction of negative impact on the environment and public health.