The enterprise is located in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Moscow Region, and specializes in manufacturing electrical products from copper. The plant has the capacity to produce both standard electrical products and non-standard copper and aluminum products according to customer drawings.

The production department has a high-tech equipment for the production of electrical products, which makes it possible for developers of new electrical and power equipment to lay in the design of the units under development any cross-sectional shapes of current conductors that can improve the operational characteristics of the finished products.

The production department consists of five digitally programmed automated lines.

• electrical copper bus, hard and soſt;
• copper wire, soſt and hard;
• electrical shaped copper profile;
• copper rods;
• copper round profile;
• copper square;
• copper hexagon;
• copper collector profile;
• customized accessories (bus parts, profiles, contact details).

Production capacities of the plant: more than 9.5 tons per year.