Recycling and disposal


• Starting from 2007, AKRON HOLDING has been developing the recycling of motor vehicles, unserviceable rail and water transport.

Within the framework of the first federal vehicle scrappage program (2010–2013), accredited companies of AKRON HOLDING accepted more than 50,000 cars for scrapping. In 2014, the Holding became the largest vehicle recycler for the number of scrapped banger cars.

• Since 2011, a project of recycling unserviceable rail transport has been actively developing within AKRON HOLDING. As part of the tasks set by the government and related to the renewal of rail transport, AKRON HOLDING from 2011 to 2018 has disposed of 2100 train vehicle units.

For the period of this work, the Holding has developed mutually beneficial relations with Russian largest suppliers of unserviceable rail vehicles:
ReilTransAvto ООO; PGK ОАО; Translom ООО; Tarkett АО; PortSnabServic ООО; VAO Agrokhimexport ZAO; LVZ Topaz OOO; SG-Trans АО; FPK ООО; FGK OOO.

• AKRON HOLDING has been scrapping icebreakers and river-marine motor vessels from the moment of water transport recycling program launch.

Recycling water transport by AKRON HOLDING means business approach to fulfillment of contractual obligations and the warranty of compliance with environmental and legal regulations.

Nowadays, AKRON HOLDING possesses the most advanced equipment, highly qualified team, and unique technology for clean and complete disposal of water transport of any type.


One of the recycling lines being actively developed by AKRON HOLDING is the recycling of appliances. E-waste without proper disposal negatively affects the ecosystem. The presence of a variety of highly toxic materials and heavy metals makes landfill disposal or simple incineration unacceptable methods for managing such waste. Therefore, the most efficient way to utilize electronic waste is to recycle it.

Electronic waste poses a great danger to the environment. When recycling, the most important thing happens - it is possible to get rid of chemical components that have an extremely negative impact on the environment. If the old household appliances are not disposed of correctly, poisoning with toxic substances occurs. However, the processing of household appliances is a technologically complex process due to the heterogeneity of materials, because they consist of many heterogeneous components.

This line was presented at PK Vtoraluminproduct OOO in the village of Nekrasovka in the South-Eastern District of Moscow. The Holding is one of the largest domestic appliance utilizers. Based on the results of the recycling, PK Vtoraluminprodukt OOO provides its clients with the complete package of documents in accordance with the requirements: waste disposal regulations according to the form of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage. Manufacturers and importers must attach these regulations to the report on compliance with recycling norms.

In the process of waste recycling useful components are retrieved with the purpose of secondary usage in production cycle of industrial enterprises.

PK Vtoraluminprodukt OOO recycles the following types of appliances and electronic devices:

• Office machines and accessories
• Electric and gas ovens
• Telephones
• Small household appliances
• ATMs
• Payment terminals
• Cash registers
• Electric tools

The clients of PK Vtoraluminprodukt OOO : Indesit, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Bosch, Panasonic, Braun and others.