The strategy of AKRON HOLDING until 2025 is to use the potential of owned business assets to the fullest extent, to increase turnover, to maximize profits and to continue corporate development as a vertically integrated industrial and metallurgical corporation with a full processing cycle, from scrap collection to manufacturing of high value added products.

Corporate business model based on the regional units of the scrap division, specializing in the collection, sorting, processing and sale of scrap and waste products of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They form a significant part of EBITDA and the value added created by the Holding.

Metal processing division enterprises represent the growth driver and implement the Holding's strategic initiatives for the production of high value-added products.

The availability of the scrap collection infrastructure is an important competitive advantage that will allow the Holding until 2025 to implement the production potential of its own metal processing enterprises to maximum effect, having strengthened their status as a manufacturer of finished products with high added value, while maintaining a leading position in the market as a reliable and independent supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and waste.

Continuous improvement of the quality of processes and lowering the cost of scrap procurement will allow the Holding to keep and maintain a leading position in the Russian and world markets, and the principle of vertical integration will make it possible to expand the product portfolio and sales coverage. A balanced production structure, based on its own resource base, will provide the Holding with flexibility and responsiveness to any changes in the market conditions and will support sustainable development even in conditions of economic stagnation.

In the scrap procurement division, the strategic objectives are to increase production capacities, to improve the quality of collected scrap, as well as geographical expansion of regional divisions at strategic growth points.

In the metal processing division, the strategic objectives are to achieve the most efficient use of production capacities and to minimize the downtime of technological equipment. In this regard, company planning to upgrade the critical equipment, to develop and train administrative and technical personnel, to expand the range of products, to search for and to attract new customers and find new markets, as well as to perform comprehensive measures to promote sales.

Strategic priorities of AKRON HOLDING until 2025: to complete the integration of new assets, to create a unified organizational structure of the Holding, to build business processes, to develop synergies, as well as to increase competitiveness and to maximize the performance of all divisions.