About us

“Akron Holding” – Preserving the present, to create the future!

Natural resources are the main component of national wealth and careful treatment of them is the most important task of modern society. The metal processing industry, which allows reusing of metal, plays the one of the leading roles in saving of national natural resources.

The group of companies Akron Holding is one of the leaders of metal processing in Russia. For 18 years of successful work Akron Holding has passed the way from a regional scrap metal processor to the largest independent scrap metal procuring holding of our country with the representative offices in 22 regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, the Holding continues to develop, mastering new markets and activities.

Akron Holding has two subsidiaries: Akron Metal Group (ferrous metal) and Akron Metal Alliance (non-ferrous metal), uniting in total of more than 28 production companies and 83 production and warehouse centers.

We have serious production capacities, which are constantly growing. Today, in Akron Holding the volume of the procurement of scrap of ferrous metals exceeds 969 thousand tons per year, of non-ferrous metals — 224 thousand tons per year.

Experts constantly praise our development strategy and innovative ideas. Over the years, the activities of Akron Holding have been rewarded with numerous awards from independent experts in the field of processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal in Russia:

  • The winner of the Second National Competition “Who is the best on the scrap market” 2014
  • The leader of the scrap metal market 2016
  • The leader of the Vehicle Recycling Program

The winner of the Fifth National Award “The Best on the Scrap Metal Market 2017” in nominations:

  • The Industry Leader on Handing with the Scrap Metal and Metal Waste in Russia
  • Quality of Scrap Metal
  • Successful Marketing Strategy
  • Development of International Corporation
  • Protection of Ecology
  • Personnel Potential
  • Help and Charity