About holding

AKRON HOLDING was established in 2001 and for 18 years of successful work passed the way from a regional scrap metal processor to the Russian largest independent metallurgic vertically-integrated corporation. Company dominate in the volume of procurement and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries*. Holding enterprises are continuously procuring and processing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, are engaged in the utilization of various types of vehicles, buildings and structures, as well as in the production and sale of metal products.

In recent years, the Holding has significantly expanded the scope of its business interests by acquiring and constructing 9 metallurgical plants across the country, which use the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap as the main raw material.

AKRON HOLDING is actively investing in the development of its own production facilities, expanding and upgrading the own factories and equipment. Having our own independent scrap collecting infrastructure makes the Holding more flexible in terms of pricing and delivery times, which distinguishes us from most competitors.

The business scope is demonstrated by the global presence map: 22 regions in Russia and the CIS countries and a staff of more than 7,500 people. Each year, the Holding increases its procurement volumes, opens new branches and pick-up sections, improves technologies and expands the range of produc ts.

Lean production, continuous quality control, a focus on the environmental friendliness of technological processes, and respect for partners and employees - the formula of the Holding’s success, which allowed it to gain and maintain a leading position and business reputation in the market.

*According to RUSLOM.COM as at 2018 **as at October 2019